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The MLB Playoffs: Which team has the best chance to win the ‘ship?

Here we go! This is the best part of our entire year. I don't mean AAD's year - I mean ALL of our year. Why? Because it's baseball pennant race season. Oh by the way, college football starts in a month and the NFL is right around the corner. Did we mention Autumn is our favorite season?

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Alright, let's get to it. Below are the latest MLB standings, but first, we'd just like to say .. How 'bout them Yankees?

Here are the latest MLB Standings

National League

National League Standings as of August 02, 2023

American League

American League Standings as of August 02, 2023

Most Surprising

It's a hell of a time to be from New York - and not just Queens, this time. If there are two teams that have not lived up to the hype this season, it's definitely the pair in New York. Could they have been anymore stacked? Are these two of the most disappointing seasons in the history of baseball?

Aaron Judge striking out (probably)

Max Scherzer is now a Texas Ranger, on top of a couple other big time trades that Texas made at the deadline to slow the steam-engine that is the Houston Astros.

Justin Verlander, who the Astros let walk just this past off-season, is now pitching for the Astros for the next 2-1/3 years and the Astros are on the hook for just TWO prospects and 28-ish million dollars. Are you kidding me? Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros, is either a mad man, or in absolute win-mode since 2016.

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane

Why are we so focused on the Astros? Because, they actually are the most surprising winning team in the league. They have one of the lowest team ERA's in baseball, practically pitching with a complete minor league rotation, a busted Jose Altuve, who in absence, was replaced by checks notes* Mauricio Dubon?

Wasn't he a backup in San Francisco? He was RED HOT from April to July. Yordan Alvarez has been down - they also have, I lost count, multiple pitchers with big time experience on the injured list ...

And you're telling me, the historic starting Texas Rangers, to start August, are only ahead of the dynasty Astros by half a game? Keep this in mind when we get to our World Series prediction.

Treat Yo’ Self

Most Improved

We wish we could put the A's here, but - well, we feel for ya Oakland.

There are 3 teams that we think of when we think most improved AND will likely make the post season. Likely.

Cincinnati Reds

I mean - who did you think we would put here? The Reds were nobody. Joey Votto has been the only headline in Cincy for - forever, it seems.

Insert De La Cruz. What. A. Menace. This kid is the complete package. Speed, base hits, and some decent pop, with incredible baseball IQ that seems to toe the line of dangerous, but riskin' for the Bizket (we love you Limp Bizkit). Is it the spark the Reds needed to finally win a playoff game? We hope so. It's incredibly fun to watch at least.

Major League Baseball’s newest phenom, Elly De La Cruz

Baltimore Orioles

Piggybacking off of the Reds here - who can argue that a good clubhouse environment makes for a winning product? We can. Adley Rutschmen shows up and the Orioles are a completely different team. Think Machado wishes he stayed? Yeah, probably not with the bills he's counting, but still.

Could the Tamba Rays, seemingly unstoppable to start this season, actually take control of the East again? We don't think so. The Orioles are on a mission. The question is, is this a championship caliber team, that can (maybe); 1. beat the Astros in the ALCS and 2. Beat the seemingly unbeatable Atlanta Braves in the World Series? More on that, below. But before we get to our next team, we just want to say .. Welcome back, Baltimore. We missed you.

Christian & Alicia Yelich, who absolutely deserved to be in our article

Milwaukee, Arizona, and the Angels

But you said it was only 3; True! However, we have to get these 3 teams in the same stratosphere. I mean who saw any of these teams competing this year? Let's start with the Angels.

In a division only behind the AL East as far as tough goes (at least, on paper) the Angels kept their beloved Shohei Ohtani, even after so much trade deadline speculation. But did anyone really think he was going somewhere? It just never seemed likely enough. Partly because the Angels owner is a selfish loser (we stand by that) and we think another part of it, is that the Angels owner is a selfish loser.

Seriously, how can you waste this much talent for so long? Have they made moves? Sure. Have they panned out? Let's ask Anthony Rendon .. Anthony Rendon fell off a ladder on his way to comment and has been placed on the Injured List. Right - back to business. Okay, so the Angels have Ohtani, and they were by no means sellers at the deadline, but they didn't exactly make splash moves to compete in the playoffs, let alone take the division. Could we see a fun wild card claim by them? Maybe. Are we betting on it? Absolutely not. This is the AL East's wild card playoff run, and they will take every spot available.

Milwaukee. Ah, Milwaukee. So lovable. So hot (♫ Yeli's Mom, has got it goin' on ♫) Okay, anyway, let's break them down. Why are they in the hunt? If we're being honest, we think it's just a VERY weak division. I mean come on.. all they have to do is beat De La Cruz's Reds. Could the Brewers take the division? We'll give it a 50/50 shot. Will they get shutout in a playoff series? Without a doubt. But we love the improvement and work happening in Milwaukee.

Aaaaaand, the Diamondbacks. Wait, what? How are they even - how is it possible? Is Corbin really this good? What about Gurriel? We're not sure it has so much to do with the Diamondbacks in general, as much as we also consider the NL West to be a weak division. However, given the Dodgers moves at the deadline and some key pieces added back from IL, we don't think Arizona can keep pace in the race. But hats off to them for the improvement and keeping it interesting. We're still giving the division to the Dodgers. It's not that we want to - we just have to. Experience matters.

American League Championship Series

We want it. We even think baseball needs it. When you don't have the two most notable AL franchises with a shot in hell at the playoffs, you need a good story for the playoffs to be legendary.

The Houston Astros Vs The Texas Rangers

I don't think anyone thought we would ever be saying this. The Astros have been mostly quiet and depressing since their franchise began and the Rangers, even with past success in the playoffs, were no different than the Astros and choked in the big dance multiple times (we're looking at you 2005 Astros)

But could this be the year, on the heels of next years Texas sized All-Star game in Arlington, could we actually see this lone star showdown in Texas? I think there's a very, very good chance we do and we want nothing short of it this year. It's not just good for baseball, but it's a good start to a bigger rivalry that's been mostly quiet in the AL West since the Astros moved to the American League.

But who's winning? Experience. That's who.

Houston Astros 4

Texas Rangers 3

A game 7 showdown in which the Astros win, 8-5.

Justin Verlander hugs Yordan Alvarez, arriving in Houston on August 03, 2023

National League Championship Series

Are you not entertained?! Did you think we had forgotten about you, Cincinnati? This is the year that the Reds go all the way, while beating a star studded Atlanta Braves team with all the confidence, bats, and pitching to back them up. Regardless of Acuna, Strider, and the multiple 2023 All Stars, the Reds find a way and beat the Atlanta Braves in 6 games. Remember that god awful Nationals team that won the World Series in 2019 on (anyone seen Howie Kendrick's?) Scherzer and Rendon's back? We hope you get enough stretching in, Elly.

Cincinatti Reds 4

Atlanta Braves 2

Cincinnati wins Game 6 and goes to the World Series by a final score of 7-3.

Best Chance to win the World Series

Ah, finally. We made it. We're excited to get ALL the hate for this pick. Hate if you will - but hear us out.

The 2023 World Series champions will be:

The Houston Astros

Houston Astros Ace Framber Valdez - DRIP

We have to accept it. This Houston Astros dynasty is not going away for a long time - at least, not if Jim Crane has anything to say about it.

*GASP* But the Braves! What about the Rangers! This is the year of the AL EAST!

Forget about it. Forget about all of them. There's a reason we focused on the Astros' Verlander acquisition up top.

The Houston Astros are lead by pitching Ace Framber Valdez, the freshest ace in baseball, who, as of his no hitter last night, is now the favorite to win the Cy Young.

Besides Framber, the Astros have literally been beating the snot out of teams with Minor League pitchers, Kyle Tucker jacks, Chas McCormick clutch blasts, and walks on walks on walks by Alex Bregman, who might just have the best eye in baseball at the plate.

They now add Justin Verlander, who's repuatation (albeit terrible in the playoffs) speaks for itself, while getting back a healthy Altuve & Alvarez, who's initials (A.A.) might just send some people to A.A.

Oh, by the way, the most consistent, base hitting for .300+ each season lefty Michael Brantley, is waiting in the wings.

Do the Braves hit bombs? Yes. But historically, big time seasons lead to big time playoff busts. We think this is the 2023 Braves narrative. In fact, we don't even see them in the World Series this year, where the representing team in the National League, will actually be the Cincinnati Reds. You heard it here first.

Do the Orioles have an excellent front office and the chemistry? Without a doubt. We love Adley. We just don't think he has the experience to shine in the spotlight just yet.

Are the Rangers playing a historically great season? Yes. Will they make it to the ALCS? We think so - and we think that because, the Rangers seem to be a team that can do two things: close a gap in a game and win, and win series'. Can they finally best their in-state division rivals? Not a chance. We really have all of our money on the experienced and surging Houston Astros.

The World Series

I don't know, what would you put it at? Here's where we stand.

Houston 4

Cincinnati 2

The Houston Astros will win the 2023 World Series and become the first back to back World Series Champions since the three-peat '98, '99, '00 Yankees.

Sorry, Atlanta. Goodluck Cincinnati!

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