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Oliver Anthony Music: Rich Men North of Richmond

In just 6 days, the new song from Oliver Anthony Music has racked up over 11,000,000 views. In such a short amount of time, mainstream media claims the hit song is the newest "right wing" anthem.

1 day prior to that upload, Oliver Anthony uploaded a video letting people know that Radio WV would be uploading the debut for Rich Men North of Richmond, "On a real camera and microphone, not just on my phone."

Oliver Anthony music image from Rich Men North of Richmond music video

It's almost like people relate more to the man strumming his guitar in front of a tree stand rather than the politicians, or, in this case - the rich men, north of Richmond.

"Living in the new world, with an old soul. These rich men north of Richmond, lord knows they all just wanna have total control."

With over 55,000 comments to date, people have shared their thoughts on the song.

Have you heard the song? Share your thoughts with us. If you have not heard it yet, you can view the full YouTube video of Rich Men North of Richmond below.


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