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“..I think it’s silly, not to talk to people.” Ice Cube interview with Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to the public. It's almost impossible to find someone impartial to him, and in many cases, you're either a MAGA supporter and fan of Tucker .. orrrrrr, you're a bleeding heart liberal and think Tucker is the next anti-Christ.

You can watch the full interview at this bottom of this page

Tucker Carlson on Fox News
Tucker Carlson on Fox News

Regardless, he certainly is polarizing and has made more than enough headlines in recent weeks after being terminated by Fox News, a surprise and shock for most of the media and news world.

And while Tucker can talk about anything he wants now, he sits across from a generational talent, icon, and frankly someone that has always said what they wanted, with the meanest look in the game: We're talking about the no non-sense, game changing, and NWA founder, Ice Cube.

Ice Cube Iconic Mean Mug
The iconic and easily recognizable face of Ice Cube

So - how does Ice Cube get into an interview with a guy like Tucker Carlson? And what for?

Tucker says, "you could do an interview with anyone you want - so why me?"

To which Ice Cube responds, "because I think it's silly, not to talk to people. Whether we agree or not, that has nothing to do with it. You know, this is what it's all about - let's talk about it, let's debate."

Ice goes on to say that he himself is an outsider, a free thinker, or is not part of the club. Which, I think we all knew that, but we also applaud Ice Cube. We've never met him, but we imagine, he's probably a pretty straight shooter. He's also incredibly talented. I think those two things alone have made Ice Cube the success he's had today. I mean, forget Barbershop, or Friday, and Friday After Next. Remember the child's movie he starred in, "Are We There Yet?" He 100% got hate for that. But it was a great move at that time in his career, and the movie really wasn't that bad. Honestly, the more shocking part of it was to see Ice Cube go from mean mugging NWA to .. mean mugging 7 year old's.

Ice Cube goes more in depth talking to Tucker Carlson, especially about him being excluded from certain shows and interviews for not fitting their political styles or agendas. Of course, multiple reactions have come out since the interview as well, with different prominent people calling Ice Cube a sellout and more, for his interview with Tucker Carlson.

But do you think Ice Cube cares? We don't either. Men do what men want. And Ice Cube certainly does whatever he wants, and its calculated to the T.

It's a fantastic interview. You can watch the entire interview of Tucker Carlson with Ice Cube below.

Watch Tucker Carlson's interview with Ice Cube on YouTube

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