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High School Supply Shopping: Best Prices, Discounts, and Complete List

It's here. If you're a stay at home writer that works remotely like me - you're so thankful that the school year is about to begin. Until we get the documents and teachers sorted and get handed a list of school supplies our children need for the school year. Ugh.

Of course, it's not that I want my child to not have everything they need. It's just so damn expensive. The worst part is seeing it go to waste (we're becoming our parents..). Regardless, we always convince ourselves, "they need it and their teacher will appreciate our child being prepared." or something like that, right?

Luckily, we're in your corner and we are bargain hunting for school supplies. You can find every item on our list on Amazon for the absolute lowest price with the best quality for that price. If you find a deal lower though, be sure to share it in the comments.

We wish you and your little ones (or teenagers ugh) the best this school year.

The High School Student Back to School List

Pencil Pouch

Blue & Black Ballpoint Pens

No. 2 Writing Pencils

Pencil Sharpener

Graph Paper

Permanent Markers



Three-Ring Binder


Loose-Leaf Paper

Spiral Notebook (College-Ruled)


Subject Dividers

Index Cards

Plastic Folders (one for each class)






Graphing Calculator

Combination Lock

Just a couple more! Finish strong! Mix a drink!

Personal Organizer or Planner

Book Covers



Seriously, mix a drink. We can't believe high school students need laptops either.

It'll pay off (we hope)


And, done! Let's kick this school year off and get our 'sanity back, parents! Give yourself a round of applause and make a margarite. That. Was. Work!

We hope you found our High School Supply Shopping list complete and efficient for you with the best prices and discounts.

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