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Harry Potter: Slytherin actor Jamie Waylett in 2023 after Prison Stint

Who would have thought that a star at Hogwarts could possibly end up in prison. Not us.

Then again, didn't he play the kid that was with House Slytherin? Regardless, actor Jamie Waylett, who played Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter trilogy, spent some time behind bars.

He says he has a very different life since. I always knew those Slytherin kids were up to no good.

Waylett, now 34 years old, starred in the very first Harry Potter film, as well as 5 others. A minor role, sure, but the royalties must be decent for one of the best performing movie franchises of all time. The fan base is absolutely massive.

How did he end up in prison though? Well, it appears he was casting the wrong spells and one thing lead to another an- WOW! Is that cannabis? Oh, the wizarding world is a beautiful place indeed.

In 2009, Waylett was busted for growing Cannabis in his home. He was only sentenced to community service for the cheeky spell, but in 2012, he was jailed after being found guilty of violent disorder in the 2012 London riots.

Since his stint in the big house, many of his fellow stars from the Harry Potter films have gone on to star in new films. Waylett however, now with the big screen behind him, does work and makes money using Cameo. The website allows fans to request celebrities make videos for them.

He shares the following on his Cameo page.

"What's going on people, it's your boy Jamie Waylett. I played Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movies one to six and I'm very excited to have the opportunity to give the people and loved ones in your life that you care about a special message."
"That's it from me, I look forward to hearing from you. Slytherin for life."

Oh, Slytherin for life indeed my boy. Filthy gangbanging group if you ask us - never up to any good that bunch.

The actor now has a face tattoo of stars above his eyebrow, as well as a full beard. It's definitely not the look Harry Potter fans are used to seeing from Crabbe, but we all grow up .. Some of us become doctors, and some of us tattoo stars on our face.

Jamie Waylett in 2023

Waylett seems to be getting fairly positive reviews for his Cameo videos though - which is great. We wish him the absolute best and continued success.

"I've been having great fun at Cameo this passed year. Received some great responses, though one of my most favourites gotta be from Jamie Waylett. Seems like such an incredibly great and kind guy. He played Vincent Crabbe in Harry Potter."

"Jamie Waylett is so freakin awesome. Lots of respect for the man," they added.

Slytherin for life boys.

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