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Hardcore World of Warcraft: The Turncoat ‘Tinyviolin’ decimates entire ‘HC Elite’ guild

If you have never heard of World of Warcraft, you're clearly living under a rock. Since the games debut in 2004, it's been one of, if not the single most successful MMORPG franchise in game history. Blizzard practically set the bar for PC gaming to become what it is today.

And while Blizzard is still making successful expansions to its game, many of its long time players are now also playing classic versions of the game from 2004. So many players in fact, that Blizzard recently announced a Hardcore Classic version of the game, based on the interest of their players.

The Hardcore classic experience is simple: If your character dies, it is dead forever.. What? Look, if you've never played (WoW), we get it, but for you reading this - normally, when your character dies, your "ghost" shows up at a central graveyard in the zone (area of the map your in) and you run your little ghost character back to your corpse, press resurrect and you're back alive. Why is this hardcore change so substantial? Because leveling up in World of Warcraft is taxing to say the least. The casual player could easily take 60-90 days to go from level 1 to level 60 (the maximum level in classic World of Warcraft)

How did we get here

Players. Developers develop games, but your players shape the game. Blizzard is no exception and frankly, has (mostly) listened to players over the years.

When Blizzard released Season of Mastery Classic (the "sequal" to Classic WoW), some players developed their own Hardcore game, with the one rule: If you die, your dead forever and must restart.

But what happens if someone intentionally kills you? Worse: What happens if one single person is responsible for killing your entire guild?

Insert Tinyviolin, the Human Warrior that did just that.

World of Warcraft has many difficult raid bosses in the game, with Naxxramas being (or what once was) one of the most difficult challenges in the game. Now try doing all of it without a single person dying. It looks like this guild new from the start that this individual had other plans as soon as the encounter started. According to Calamity (a Paladin in the guild), it's taken the guild about a year to come this far. The guilds original goal was to just kill C'thun, but after they achieved that, they moved to Naxxramas.

..Aaaaaaand - they're dead. According to most of the WoW community, Tinyviolin was a know griefer, but in a twist to the plot, he was actually a decent member of the guild - FOR A YEAR. One of the guild members can even be heard saying in the video, "we told you not to trust him."

We're not sure what or how this came about, what his plans entailed, how he infiltrated the guild for so long to pull this off, or maybe he just snapped and reverted back to his old ways.

Regardless - he was a turncoat. Your guild member lead 39 of you into the plagued halls of Naxxramas and finished his service to the one True King.

Tinyviolin, "carried out the masters plan," and delivered 36 new Death Knights to the Lich King this day - and for that, we salute you. FROSTMOURNE: HUNGERS.

The official Blizzard servers for "Hardcore Classsic World of Warcraft" are expected to release late this summer on official Blizzard servers.

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