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Bobbi on TikTok: Catch her Interview with Mark Cuban

Just in case you've been living under a rock and have not heard about the conspiracy theory around TikTok & Podcast sensation Bobbi, we're here for you. The conspiracy? Oh, she was industry planted.

An 'industry plant' is largely accepted to mean an artist who presents themselves as being independent and doing things on their own terms, but secretly has the industry backing and money to fund them and to artificially shape such a narrative.

Maybe you're not under a rock .. Maybe you're just a struggling writer working for Articles After Dark (is that too snarky? Sorry boss)

Alright, enough about 1st world problems. If you haven't heard of Bobbi, she actually has some pretty humorous content with different pop culture artists and more, as well as a baby named Concrete.. I mean, we didn't say she was all there, we're just giving the facts.

Check out the videos from Bobbi's TikTok. You can also find her podcast, "The Really Good Podcast" on Apple & Spotify, as well as YouTube now.

You can view Bobbie on TikTok here

You can also follow us on TikTok at

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